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Clinton Macomber was born on Aug 3, 1963 and is still living

Who am I? I can't answer, I am still in the works...

Born to amazing parents, Dr. Melvin & Glenda Macomber, who have been university, seminary and Bible College teachers. My father continues to work as a psychologist for the State of California's Prisons. They have been Home School leaders now for 40 years, far longer than the more famed "Johnny come lately's."

Church planter, writer, editor, political leader, father of the seven best children (and adults) in the world, woodworker, metal worker, retired beekeeper, and proud to be among those who have fought the dragon of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy by God's strength alone for 18 years and counting.

The following books come from having to take a deeper look at the status quo teachings, and the resulting realization that God's Word carries messages that are quite plain to the believer who relies on Scripture for doctrine.

What Really Matters

Pages: 192. Edition: released in 1996, 2004 and now 2017

A study from the book of Daniel that demonstrates the book is not just for lessons for young children, or tough material for the prophecy student, but a very practical book, demonstrating the priorities the child of God must set, in order to be like the Lord Jesus. Includes devotionals, word find puzzles, and other helps.

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What Really Matters?

Clinton Macomber


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